Recently divorced ex-police officer Mae Wilson’s private investigator company is enlisted to help hunt down Sebastian Winter, the terrifying crime lord who just escaped serving a life sentence for the murder of his daughter Meredith Winter and the attempted murder of her friend Elise Redfern.

But as the man hunt begins and Wilson delves into Winter’s past, nothing is as it seems.

Nearly 10 years ago, a traumatic event thrusts Elise into Winter’s orbit. As her best friend’s father, she tries to quell her immediate attraction to him, but their undeniable desire for one another leads to a sizzling tension which threatens to consume them both and destroy her friendship with Meredith forever.

However, Elise is now the object of Winter’s desire and he will stop at nothing to have her.

Past and present collide, and Wilson begins to wonder who is hunting whom in this terrifying race to put Winter behind bars once more. As the truth unravels, she also beings to question if everyone is as innocent as they seem? Or is there something darker lurking beneath the surface?