BOOK BUDDY is a project notebook created for writers by a writer. Book Buddy helps you keep all the ideas for your book in one place and is there for you during your book creation journey. Book Buddy is small in size so it's easy to take on the go and is there ready for when inspiration strikes. Included in the Book Buddy:

  • Book goal pages,

  • Title ideas pages,

  • WIP mood board,

  • Character bio x10,

  • Character relationship page x10,

  • Book outline pages,

  • Book location pages,

  • Chapter planning page x22,

  • Scene planning page x15,

  • Random ideas/scene page x10,

  • Colouring pages,

  • Word count tracker,

  • Daily word count tracker x62,

  • Blurb practice pages,

  • Editing dates,

  • Ideas for draft two page x5,

  • To do lists x10,

  • Notes page x5

And more...